Krinkle Krusher Out Now On Playstation Store

by mattchelen on April 8, 2015, 9:34 a.m.
Krinkle Krusher Out Now On Playstation Store

Odd take on tower defense hits the PSN.

Krinkle Krusher is a weird little game. I had the privilege of playing the game before the release and it's entertaining but can be difficult. I've played the first level on two different platforms and I've not yet received a perfect score for it, despite getting a perfect score on other, later levels. It's a puzzle. More so than traditional tower defense games. In having to manage your rings and keep them from breaking, it creates an environment where you have to use the exact move on the exact krinkle(s) at the exact time for optimal performance. You do this by tapping or sliding your finger across the screen on Vita or moving a virtual hand around, letting it works as a cursor, on PS3 and PS4.

You can grab the game now for $9.99 for Vita, PS3, and PS4, eligible for cross-buy. Or you could check out the new trailer below and enjoy the carnage!

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