Chaos Reborn Review

This is a user submitted review by D00m on March 27, 2015, 8:28 a.m.

Version 0.26 (Early Access) Multiplayer only review

The games is a blast, it can easily chew up all of your gaming time and more. The multiplayer community is the best I've ever experienced. The quantity and quality of upgrades is incredible and the devs really listen to user feedback. At $20 for the base game, the game is a steal. Despite still being in early development the game is as stable as most full releases and almost completely bug free. The game is relatively easy to get into, but very hard to truly master. Yes, luck and RNG indeed can mess up the best tactics, but over a larger number of matches, the best players will prevail as is already reflected by the first ranked season, which is soon coming to an end. All multiplayer modes (1v1, 3 & 4 player death match, 2v2) are great. Both live and asynchronous play are available.
At the moment single player options are limited and not incredibly interesting in my opinion, but they will be getting much love in the future updates. RPG, equipment, co-op, and story elements are just some of the things that will make their way into the games. If you are interested in multiplayer I can wholeheartedly recommend the game already, if you are looking primarily for single player experience, you might prefer to wait a bit with the purchase.


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