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Lovely Planet

Release Date: July 31, 2014 Genres: Action, Shooter, Platformer, Indie

Lovely Planet Review

This user review has received 1 phala! This is a user submitted review by lordelover123 on Feb. 8, 2015, 7:13 a.m.

Don't let the kawaii fool you!

I loved playing Lonely Planet. The game is extremely fun, and well worth your money. Although alot of people might get fooled since the game looks like kawaii-hell(or heaven), it is extremely hard, and takes alot of time to perfect.


    • 10.0Cartoon/Unrealistic

        The art-style is very cartoonish, and yes, kawaii.
        Even though I am not the biggest anime/japanese art-style fan, I still fell in love with the atmosphere in this game. The graphics are great, and it all runs really well, and the atmosphere makes you feel like you're actually inside of the game. The developers did a very good job with this, I have to admit that!


        9.0Bang For Your Buck

          The game is 5,99$ on steam, or in my case, 4,39€, and it's quite cheap for such a game. I'd say you get alot of those 4,39€, and the game is probably one of the best puzzle games in this price category.


            The soundtrack is very catchy and humorous. It is very nicely composed, but it isn't really that long. Not that you'd expect a one hour long soundtrack from an indie developer, but it could've still been a bit longer. The soundtrack itself is 17 minutes long, and considering the amount of time you are gonna spend in the game, you'll get to know each song quite well.


              First of all the gameplay is EXTREMELY fun! The running and jumping of the game reminds a little of playing quake, so imagine quake inside of a cute, kawaii-puzzle game. Yes, just try, you probably wont be able to, but try.
              The game itself offers various mechanics that allows you to complete the puzzles, i'm not gonna go in-depth but there is a lot of jumping around, and shooting + avoid getting shot.
              People with experience of rocket jumping will definitely have an advantage here.

              • 9.5Puzzles

                  The puzzles are what this game is made of, and is all about, and they're very hard! It starts off very easily, where even the most casual gamer can get 3 stars, but it escalates and gets harder and harder, until the point where you might have to stop. It is kind of like Dark Souls, where you might need a pause if you've been stuck at a boss for too long, and you might possibly need to look up some of the levels on youtube, because they get a bit tricky at times.

                8.0Replay Value

                  Despite the game being extremely fun, and having leaderboards with World Records, making you thrive to be the very best, it lacks one huge thing.
                  A level editor.
                  What I feel like is missing, is a level editor. This game is essentially a puzzle-solving game, where you use the mechanics to solve each puzzle your way, and to see user-created levels would be the best thing.
                  It would also give you another 50+ hours of the game atleast, as you work on getting the World Record in these user-created levels, just to see yourself getting beaten the day after.
                  The developers are not finished with the updates, so we might be lucky to see one in the future, who knows!

                  • Leaderboards

                      The leaderboard system works completely well with this game, as every level has a World Record that everyone is trying to break. There isn't a "list-of-names" leaderboard per se, and you don't get your name up as the World Record title holder, but it's still pretty funny as you spend 30 minutes trying to break the world record, until you have to stop, realising that it is near-impossible.

                    • Achievements

                        There are a bunch of achievements to the game, which most are very basic. For example there are a bunch of "get all stars" etc. which is pretty hard, but there are also some secret places within each level, that you can find, and gain achievements by finding, which is pretty cool!


                      All in all, the game is really fun, and extremely hard.
                      It is one of the best puzzle games I've played, and it is really amusing. The Art-style is amazing, and is truly something to enjoy whilst playing.
                      The game is quite cheap, and a must-have for every puzzle game or speedrunning fan.
                      The lack of a level editor drags the score a bit down, but I still believe that you can enjoy the games original 100 levels.

                      9.0 Overall Score


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