Correction Regarding Changes To Minimon For PC Early Access Release

by mattchelen on March 31, 2015, 7:53 p.m.
Correction Regarding Changes To Minimon For PC Early Access Release

It has come to my attention that the list linked last time was erroneous.

You may remember that I posted last week about Minimon's move to PC. In that post, I linked to a now-removed discussion on the Steam Discussions forum for Minimon that appeared to be a full list of changes and upgrades happening for the PC release, created by someone who introduced himself as the "Lead Level Designer." Possibly another lesson in how easy it is to take on the role of someone else on the internet, one of the developers got in touch with me to let me know that the list was created not by a member of the development team but by an "overenthusiastic fan" and that the list had spread quite a lot further than intended.

The actual list of planned features, both implemented and forthcoming, can be found below. More unannounced features are planned, as well as room for additions based on community suggestions.

- Better graphics (more resolution + tons of shaders not in mobile)

- Local multiplayer (up to 4 players in same PC)

- Steam exclusive areas

- Map editor (not in current version)

- No ads/in app purchases/DLC, you pay the full price once and thats it

- More advanced GUI that's more suitable for PC use

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