Creator(s): XsLaughtGames: Marvel vs CapcomOnslaught, by Xslaught, is a very fair and accurate representation of the original Onslaught from Marvel VS Capcom. The animations are solid, the spriting is well done, and the moveset matches the original version quite well. Xslaught also managed to set up his character with a transitioning play style from form 1 in the first fight to form 2 in the second.

Onslaught Preview
Onslaught added on 07/18/2013

Onslaught by Xslaught.

Offense: 4
Defense: 5 - Great
AI: 4
Spriting: 5 - Great
Animations: 5 - Great

Onslaught Videos

  • Ryuuken vs Onslaught