How do gyms work?

Can only one person hold a gym? What can I do at a friendly gym? How the heck do gyms work?!

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Teams: Red, Blue and Yellow

Once you're level 5, you get to pick a color: Red, Blue or Yellow(Go red team!).

Gym Prestige/Health

When you enter a gym, you will see two numbers: current prestige and current prestige cap. You can think of the prestige as the gym's health points before it turns neutral. Once it's neutral, you can take it over by leaving one of your Pokemon there to guard it.

Lowering Enemy Gym's Prestige

In order to reduce the enemy gym's prestige to 0, you need to fight and defeat the Pokemon guarding it. Before you start your battle, you can chose 6 Pokemon to take into battle with you. CP isn't everything, use a Pokemon that is strong against the type of Pokemon you have to battle.

Also, You will almost always have to defeat the enemy team more than once. If the enemy gym has 6000 prestige and each time you defeat the team you reduce it by 2000, you will have to defeat them all 3 times.

Even if a gym looks tough, with the correct team setup and some practice, it's not hard to kill a Pokemon with 200-400 more CP than yours. Once you reduce the enemy's prestige to 0, the gym will turn neutral and you will have to assign one of your Pokemon to defend it. If you don't assign it quickly, someone else can take it over.

Increasing Friendly Gym's Prestige

When you enter a friendly gym, you have two options: Leave a Pokemon to defend the gym, and fight the current team guarding it. You increase the prestige by 100-300+ by fighting with your team at the gym. The amount of Pokemon that can guard a gym is determined by it's level. It is much harder to increase the prestige of the gym than it is for an enemy to reduce the prestige. If you're really wanting to take and hold a gym, bring some friends!

Increasing Friendly Gym's Level

A gym's level dictates how many Pokemon can guard the gym. Each level has a prestige requirement. Once you fight at the friendly gym enough, the gym will level up and increase the amount of Pokemon that can guard it by one.

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