Rake In Grass Enter Rampage Knights Into Early Access

by mattchelen on March 27, 2015, 11:50 a.m.
Rake In Grass Enter Rampage Knights Into Early Access

It's a co-op roguelike/beat-em-up!

So, I don't personally know of Rake In Grass' legacy. Most of their games have managed to slip by me and, despite many recommendations, I've never actually played Jets 'n Guns Gold. Yeah, I know. I'm missing out.

No matter, what they've launched into Early Access today grabbed my attention. A co-op roguelike with beat-em-up combat. Procedurally generated levels. The smooth animation and fast-paced action. Bite-sized campaigns. Multiple classes that are unlocked over time. Co-op!

The only thing I'm hesitant about is that it seems to only have an online co-op mode, eschewing local multiplayer. There's probably a design reason for it but I'm still not entirely happy about it, nonetheless. If you get a two-pack, you do get one copy half-off, though, so they seem to have taken note of it and priced the two-pack accordingly.

If this interests you, it's up on Steam for $9.99 for one copy or $14.99 for two with a 10% launch discount. The trailer has me sold, even with my reservations about online-only co-op.

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