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Thomas Was Alone

Release Date: Nov. 12, 2012 Genres: Casual, Adventure, Platformer, Indie

Thomas Was Alone Review

This is a user submitted review by pittman66 on Feb. 5, 2015, 4:56 p.m.

An emotional game that presents the feelings of anxiety, depression, triumph and overcoming it...using rectangles, and it is amazing!

Thomas Was Alone is a relatively easy minimalist 2D puzzle platformer about rectangles moving up and to the right, sometimes down, sometimes to the left, has a narrator who gives personality to these rectangles, and is without a doubt my favorite game of all time.


    Character driven story about learning about anxiety, depression, friendship, love, and highly uplifting by the end of it. You will know each character as if you knew them in real life because they are so relatable to either you or someone you know. This is what makes the game stand out.

    • 10.0Humorous

        The narrator and writing brings a lot of charm and humor in the appropriate moments.

      • 10.0Abstract

        • 9.0Minimalist


            The soundtrack brings the emotion out to help the feelings of the characters

            • Moody

              • 10.0Voice Acting

                  Danny Wallace nails the performance! His voice is gentle but can be hilarious, heartbroken, or happy at any time.


                  • 7.02D

                    Mini Genres/Tags

                      • Masterpiece


                          • Side Scroller Perspective


                              Basic platforming, it's easy to control and nothing really wrong with it. But nothing new gameplay wise.

                              • 6.0Puzzles

                                  Some challenging levels, but most of them are pretty straightforward to experience the story.

                                8.5Replay Value

                                  • Achievements


                                    Many ask "How one may ask when I've played games like Bioshock Infinite, The Walking Dead, Final Fantasy VII, and Portal?" The reasoning is how the narration, description of the characters, music, and lighting/symbolism of each level all meld together to appear as simple, but overall has very complicated emotions that not many games have brought. The minimalism allows a better focus on the story and our characters emotions, and I have never felt so attached to a character as much as here, and these a rectangles! I really can't write a review that will do justice to this game, go and buy it!

                                    10.0 Overall Score


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