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Tormentum - Dark Sorrow Release Date: March 4, 2015 Genres: Casual, Adventure, Point-and-click, Indie

How distract the knight torture???

1 Answers


You distract the knight by solving the puzzle in the room adjacent to the torture chamber when the knight is torturing his victim (the one where you can see what is happening in the torture chamber, but there is a wall between you and that room). There is a panel on the wall and the key to solving it is on the table in the dining room if memory serves.

To solve the puzzle you must click on the spring mechanisms in the correct order and then click on the red button on the left if you want to kill the knight, or click the red button on the right if you want to let him live but distract him from his duties by disrupting the torture. The order to click on the springs is (or was for my game at least), from left to right with the leftmost being 1 and the spring on the furthest right being 5: 1--->1--->1--->4--->--->4--->3--->3--->5

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